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Anyone know any good weight loss regimens post delivery? I …

Anyone know any good weight loss regimens post delivery? I will be breast feeding and want to have a strict yet healthy plan to lose my pregnancy weight. Also, any healthy shakes or meal replacements?


— @jstncrazy2, yep, I went through P90X once (like the whole 90 days) but I took a break day every 2-3 days I would just go walking for my off day I didn't do anything that had to do with P90X :p it was super tough! but that was like a year ago I did that

— @annabellemaesmommy, did you do one a day or how did you span it out?!

— @annabellemaesmommy, I used to do p90x along with insanity! You lost 50 lbs going through the whole set of CDs once?!

— I need this to lol

— P90X! I lost 50 lbs getting through the tape once, along with a low carb diet

— Lean proteins and lots of fruits and veggies. Be sure not to cut too many calories as that can affect your milk supply.

— Eat healthy! With breastfeeding you should be taking in a certain amount of calories

— exercise love love insanity can't wait to go back

— I drank Shakeology religiously before I got pregnant and plan to resume after baby is born! Good stuff 😊

— Breastfeeding alone will help plus any other things you do will add on to your weight loss.