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I am very thankful and blessed that I have a loving husband…

I am very thankful and blessed that I have a loving husband and family that are always, no matter what, there for my daughter and I. I know some moms/moms-to-be aren't so lucky to have what someone else might. This is why my husband and I have decided we're going to donate some things to one lucky person. I wish we could help everyone out but we can't.
The items include:
1. Bottles
2. Bibs
3. Diapers
4. Burp rags
5. A bag
6. A small blanket
7. Breast pads
8. Clothes
These items are for a mom-to-be or a mom that has a newborn. Nothing has been used except for the clothes/burp rags/bibs but they are clean and barley used. Also it's baby girl clothing. This stuff is stuff that our baby girl either never used or just used once or twice so it's still practically new!
If you are interested in any of this stuff message me and tell me your story. My husband and I want to give it to the person that needs it the most. I know there's a lot of mom's that need it but again we can only give it to one person. These items are FREE we're donating them NOT trying to sell it. So if you're someone that really needs it, has a baby girl, and is either a moms-to-be or have a newborn let me know. I'll repost this message everyday until November 25th so that everyone has a chance to see it and when the time is up my husband and I will pick someone.

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