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I just need to rant! my blood pressure has been great my wh…

I just need to rant! my blood pressure has been great my whole pregnancy my weight is doing good, but I calledy doctor and spoke to a nurse because my cramping I've been having at night and she says no I need to come in that's is really bad so I went in my blood pressure was high because I was sitting here freaking out and shaking and in the mean time cramping when I got there and I get to see the doctor and he goes ur blood pressure was high so now I'm having to do a 24 hr urine sample freaking out thinking I have high blood pressure even tho my blood pressure has always been good before. now all I can look at is stuff online about preeclampsia and just wanna cry


— @meganeileen6, @edomke @lillady turns out my sugar and blood pressure is good, I ain't gonna see that doctor anymore be makes me freak out every time I see him like there something sdonv

— that's gd Ema pray for u and the Lil one 😊😊

— I think it was stress because it always been fine and thanks see I haven't had any symptoms of it @lillady

— I hope you don't have it your still early I just hope its stress that's making it high

— they induce me cause the headache and the swelling wouldn't go away

— @lillady, what did they do?

— @preggimama, okay thanks, that helps

— for example, today i went into the urgent care for a cold, and my blood pressure was 133/87. But it went down. As long as your blood pressure doesnt reach 140/80 for a long period of time, you should be okay if it goes down:) I have a monitor so if i feel like my blood pressure is up, i go check

— @preggimama, I hope so

— you may have panic attacks like me! makes my blood pressure go up and down

— I had it with my 2year old

— thank you@edomke

— If it makes you feel any better it is very rare to get preeclampsia so early. I hope everything gets better!

— @meganeileen6,

— I can't thinking about that!