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Am I the only person that takes my prenatal vitamins everyd…

Am I the only person that takes my prenatal vitamins everyday since I've become pregnant ???


— Everyday...

— I took them for the first month or two and they made me so sick I stopped for a few months (well maybe once a week I would take them) and then I switched to gummies and now I take them every single day

— I take mine everyday too

— I take mine everyday

— Oh no mam I know I don't get enough required nutrients every day

— Nope I take them everyday. Even when I'm not pregnant

— nope i take my prenatal,vitamine d, vitamine c, omega , and b12 i always have taken them and once pregnant never stop

— me I take them every day .

— Yeah some people stop after the first trimester

— I stopped for a couple weeks bc I was getting so sick. Back on track now

— just wondering because most people say that at the end of pregnancy they stop taking them @mommy2jaidyn.noah @lalaloopsi @jessica408 @myworld94

— I take mine

— I take mine 🙋🏽

— 🙋🏻lol at least i tried skipped a few but made it an everyday routine

— I take them everyday but I'm not pregnant just trying to be