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My neighbor is so petty I swear. It's 45 outside and I'm no…

My neighbor is so petty I swear. It's 45 outside and I'm not allowed to start a fire. Watch out ladies I'm being watched 😒😒😒. Little tattle tail. I guess me and my 2 yr old are suppose to freeze.


— :)

— @mamabear1416, thanks mama. Feels nice to have someone to talk to.

— I know how you feel I'm happy I was told about this app by my hubbys cuzins :) and I'm always here if you ever need to chat :)

— @mamabear1416, thank you for understanding. Preggie is my come to place. No where else is safe for me.

— ugh I hope you can make it also and I hope you find a place fast

— @mamabear1416, it is very much. The struggle of finding an apartment that will except children and a smoker (not me). I pray I make it tell tax time

— that's messed up

— @mamabear1416, you have no idea girl. I can't say much or I'll be kicked out with no where to go.

— what a f-ing ass it your wood not there's and it's to keep you warm and from getting sick...

— @mamabear1416, that's what I said. Lmao my neighbor was video taping my SO when he was getting some wood ha.

— yea I would have said f it a long time ago and if your baby gets sick your in lows should pay the bill at least

— @mamabear1416, me and my husband both said f it about 2 hours ago. It 25 outside so without any type of heat you can just imagine how cold it was in here

— you should be treated better and like I said to keep you and your little one from getting sick light that fire and if your in lows don't like it then let them know they can pay the Dr bills if you guys get sick

— @mamabear1416, it's the in laws but by no means do I deserve to be treated this way. Me an my husband has done so much for these people and we get shit on in return.

— I'm so sorry you have to be around people like that.... is the home you are in yours of do you live with your in lows?