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Well what a wonderful surprise I'm having fraternal twins !…

Well what a wonderful surprise I'm having fraternal twins !!!❤️❤️❤️👶🏽👶🏽💝💝💝


— lol that's so cool@chichimango

— @mumof2, always and still do today

— lol you guys ever got confused of being other person before??? @chichimango

— @mumof2, it's fun but the downside is people think you're the same when you're like night and day.

— being an identical twin must be fun?? @chichimango

— @mumof2, it's all good. twins are pretty cool. But of course I'm biased. lol

— @chichimango,

— oh OK just learned something new. I just wanted to know how do you know lol

— @mumof2, @trinitysmommy @floridamommy1024 is right about the twins. fraternal twins have their own sac and identical (split f/m 1 egg) have 1 sac they share. Lol I'm an identical twin and I grew up with a ton of fraternal twins, both boy/boy, girl/girl and boy/girl combos.

— she looks like 8 weeks and yes identical are in same sac

— how far along are u @heaven

— Identical share a sac, fraternal don't I believe

— exactly I didn't think they can tell unless you were told you are having boy and girl now that's more obvious lol @trinitysmommy

— @mumof2, I don't think she knows if they are fraternal but... she does know she is having twins lol

— omg congrats. what a blessing!!