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I hate feeling depressed. everyone I know is getting pregna…

I hate feeling depressed. everyone I know is getting pregnant. especially people who either don't deserve to be mother because their to into drugs or people who arent even ready to be parents. and it kills me. it's kills me more then anything. I look at this little giraffe. that plays a melody. the same exact toy that I had as a baby. and same exact melody. and it kills me and makes my heart ache that I don't have a child to give that memory to, to pass on :/


— what is pre-seed @babybenson2016

— I had this same trouble tried for 4 years with no luck, I also suffered from endometriosis though, my husband and I just started taking vitamins I took super healthy organic prenatal and we purchased some pre-seed found out we where pregnant exactly 2 months later

— sure you can msg me I'm at work waiting to be let in its cold here lol I need the company lol

— is it okay if I message you my SO is asleep and I'm really needing someone to talk to @ahjahlove92

— awwwee thank you @ahjahlove92 I know we will when it happen just suck :/

— I know how you feel love I'm in the same situation I just pray it changes for us I know we would make great moms


— I've Been where you are !
1.Negative energy, needs to stop. I know it's hard too but it's not going to help at all.
2. Make sure your period is regulated. Almost like clock work. This is important because you need to know when you are ovulating . If you have irregular periods try vitex. It's what regulated mines. I took it up until my period was consistent and stopped.
3. Once your period is regulated, take ovulation test everytime you think you are ovulating to get a sense of when that is. You can get cheap dollar ovulation test at dollar tree if that's near you.
4. Have sex all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME! Like once you have the ovulation thing down make sure you have sex right before you start ovulating and the entire time you are ovulating.
5. Make sure you take prenatals vitamins. Prepare your body for the baby.
6. Make sure you and your partner are very hydrated and eating right. This means fruits, salads, egg, nuts, less alcohol, veggies, water water water!!! Etc.
7. I honestly don't know how well this works but elevate your hips after sex for like 5-10mins.
I started doing this towards the end of my get pregnant journey and found out I was pregnant... I actually don't know if this contributed.
8.Work out!! Your body will reject the baby if you don't make your body strong or healthy enough.
9. Oh if your period is already consistent try maca. It helps boost your progesterone levels . That's what helps encourage pregnancy. That's the last thing I was taking before i found out I was pregnant.
9. Don't stress out about it!!! Don't obsess about the pregnancy . It will drive you mad. Which stresses you body out and makes it harder for pregnancy to occur.
These are things I did to get pregnant. I was persistent and determined. Don't give up and don't let it bring you down. It took us 1 year 5 months and 5 days to find out we were pregnant. In that I had many setbacks I did for myself. I watched friend after friend get pregnant who didn't even want that life yet. I had a friend who decided to get her child aborted.. That almost killed me emotionally but you can't let shit like that get in place of your goals!!! You keep pushing and take matters into your own hands. Nature can only do so much for you. DO FOR YOURSELF!! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

— me and my boyfriend haven't been trying for over a year and my momma said if you haven't been trying for over a year they won't even consider looking at you

— have you talked to your Obgyn?

— thank you @mumof2 . I just wish there was something I could do to increase my fertility :(

— this really is touching I feel deeply for you Hun.