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Me and my child's father have been having a ruff time since…

Me and my child's father have been having a ruff time since I was pregnant! I conceived not even a month before I starting dealing with him we knew each other in middle school but that was years before we starting talking again! It makes things so complicated being as though a friendship wasn't even established before I got pregnant! My son is such a blessings and I'm so grateful for him and of corse he wouldn't be here if I hadn't engaged with his father! There are times where I feel weak from the back and forth! I feel like I'm spiritual drained! I'm not the point where I don't even care in my family involves him or not! I find myself worrying about what he's doing and in the process I'm losing myself! Tonight I felt a little down and I was putting my baby to sleep, I began to rock his bouncer while telling him I love him and even in the mist of him trying to sleep he smiled at me! That smile was so significant I began to cry! I'm find myself loving myself more because on my son and he is my world beside God! I thank you lord, I know my son has a purpose beyond my dreams!

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