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do Starbucks have hot chocolate?

do Starbucks have hot chocolate?


— Haha oh I'm sorry! I say duh alot and don't realize it might sound a little sassy lol my bf gets on me all the time too! Did you ever try it? It's pricey for a cup of coffee but always nice to spoil yourself every now and then ! :)

— Okay bossy, I like it @amber525

— more to the "duhh" comment lol @caitlynnrosee

— Ahh so go! Not everything is as amazing as you'd hope but their got chocolate and the different flavors of them are great!

— @lun2016,

— I was just letting you know the dif flavors ☺️ I work there and there's actually a lot of people who don't know! So I understand 😍 go get you some! So good hehe

— Well I never been to Starbucks missy, I don't do coffee and stuff @caitlynnrosee @amber525

— Hot chocolate, peppermint hot cocoa, white hot cocoa. All delicious 😂😝

— Duhh!! :)

— Yes!