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How many of you actually followed gender predictions closel…

How many of you actually followed gender predictions closely? So many people are telling me I'm having a boy, but I've experienced a mixture of these symptoms! 🤔hmm I'll find out tomorrow! I've had a pretty good pregnancy, aside from the extreme fatigue, hip pain(at night), and heartburn!


— I'm sure he's adorable! All the best to you and your little family 😊 @babybermea

— @taylor86, me and my husband both wanted a girl I never even thought about being pregnant with a boy we totally assumed it was a girl . But like every mom were happy he's growing and healthy and excited about him too lol

— lol

— You'd be surprised how many gender predictions I've come across! Trust me I'm not dependent upon it! 😊 @arijane316

— I'm having a girl and I can say that this is wrong. I had "symptoms" for boy and girl.

— See when I first heard my babies heartbeat it was around 160, but when I went to meet with my prenatal nurse and ob for a regular checkup the heartbeat slowed down a bit to about 130-140. So I'm not sure anymore! When I find out you all will know!! 🙂 @boogersbugsanddirt

— both of my boys HB were around 160-170.

— That's amazing! ☺️ @shortizzie

— He wanted a boy. I prayed for a girl. I knew in my heart I was having a girl

— @babybermea, that gives me a little hope! If I rule out my most common symptoms it'll be a boy, but again my situation can be like yours and we end up with the opposite (a girl), which is what my husband wants! Did you want a boy or a girl?

— @shortizzie, oh goodness, most of my symptoms have been close to that of a boy! Uh oh! We were already preparing ourselves in case they tell us it's a boy so we aren't let down! My husband is ok either way, I want him to get his princess though lol!

— I had all the girl symptoms but I'm having a boy

— See I craved salty foods instead of sweet and I was always exhausted. And my face didn't break out. It was actually clearer while I was pregnant. I have a beautiful baby girl. Most of them are right though. I had horrible nausea and her heart stayed between 140-160

— @mercy475, exactly why I have no clue as to what sex the baby will be! Congrats on your baby boy ☺️

— I have more girl symptoms than I do boy and they told me I'm having a boy