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Does anyone plan on having a natural birth?

Does anyone plan on having a natural birth?


— lol thanks

— @searrahmone, 😄😊😉

— I like your thinking! Let's hope for an "easy" labor and delivery lol @angelbaby83

— @searrahmone, my best friend did as well and I'm with u just wait and see how it goes girl. My dr told me that if it's been an awesome pregnancy then it should end that way too that made me re think everything and say we'll let's just take this labor as it comes. 😆

— You are strong and amazing my friend lol @february2016

— I've watched my friend have a natural birth twice and that shxt is the real deal lol. I just hope I'm as strong as her when the time comes @angelbaby83 @kazori

— yes I plan on having my 4th and final natraul birth without pain relief!

— Hopefully 😕😌

— We're gonna try but we will never know till the time gets here!!

— Are they expensive? I've been thinking about getting one mm ommy2jaidyn.noah

— That exactly how I feel @thebroadwaybaby16. If I can find a hospital that isn't struck unless you're dying I would love that lol

— I am ! We got a doula

— meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I want COMPLETELY natural... lol like no pain meds, no ivs, no baby monitoring unless something starts going wrong... literally nothing lol I'm stuck having to use a hospital though

— the pain sucks I've done it twice lol you feel like you wanna kill everybody in sight

— I know I want to try but I don't know how I'll feel once that pain is consistent lol @aek91