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woĸe υp aт 5ιѕн. ѕo нorney тнaт ι нad тo waĸe υp тнe нυввy…

woĸe υp aт 5ιѕн. ѕo нorney тнaт ι нad тo waĸe υp тнe нυввy. lol. тнen υp and ready ғor worĸ.


— that's my man for ya to girl lol

— I've done it quite a few times and he's done it quite a few times lol

— but tbh I actually need him for sex because want to try anything to get this baby out lol we can start doing it rough again too.

— exactly what I did this morning!! hahaha but my husband is the same way if he wants it he gets it right then and there like daamn lol

— yes I bet. it's always the best way lol I think my man wanted to this morning but he act like he couldn't say nothing. he just kept making sighing noises I turned over and asked what was the matter and he says me lol so it made me sad a little. like why would you say that then he did the noise again and grinded against my butt. idk why he just didn't tell me that's what he wanted. I guess it's because he thinks I'm going to say no

— @february2016, @mumof2 тнιѕ ιѕ тнe ғιrѕт тιмe тryιng тo waĸe нιм υp acтυally worĸed ғor мe.. lol. вυт ιт waѕ a greaт way тo ѕтarт мy day.

— @february2016,

— I wish I can wake up hubby just to get some it would be like a 50/50 chance with this dude. he might turn me down :-( I think I woke him up one time. but when it comes to him he pulls my panties down and just start sticking away don't even ask. I'm like woooah buddy you that brave or you just don't gaf

— lol same here

— @february2016,

— me too but now the gravity is starting to take its toll all the dam pressure in my vagina

— lol I've been like this my whole pregnancy