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Am I the only one that can't see the drama? I'm new here so…

Am I the only one that can't see the drama? I'm new here so I have no clue what everyone's talking about. I'll just sit back and watch...those aren't my battles😎


— Lmao well the only drama post that I saw..the girl posted something offensive and preggie admins deleted it and then the girl flipped out and posted a status about it and the drama in the comments is hilarious @us_navysailor

— @mrsschutte1323, Damn they be on it with the deleting huh?

— @us_navysailor, I think preggie admins deleted it they deleted someone else's post about something else

— @tae23, just be patient with me...it'll surface eventually:)

— same her it makes me anticipate to see it but I never do

— Exactly. All I see is other people talking about it but never the actual post that's causing such a buzz. Kind jealous. I hate wondering and not knowing what's going on around me lol.

— @us_navysailor, well wtf lol I saw like 6 posts about this drama and I haven't seen anything??

— @mrsschutte1323, Lol girl I have no one blocked so I should see EVERYTHING!!

— Same!!! I only have like two people on block and I don't see all this drama people are going on about 😂😂

— @kmally, I have both the apps. I just like being able to talk to people who can relate but at times it like you can't be yourself because everyone's so judgmental.

— Haha I've never been on babybump. But I deleted wte.

— @tae23, That's the truth. Those woman are vicious!

— @kmally, Lol you think so. They're nicer to me than BabyBump.

— This one is definitely better than wte 😂 that one is brutal.

— I never went into any of those forums but had the apps lol. I heard they were full of drama so I avoided lol