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Okay. So. Um. I want to pierce my lip or get it pierced or …

Okay. So. Um. I want to pierce my lip or get it pierced or whatever. I was afraid to do it and then I got pregnant and I know you're more susceptible to infections and so I didn't do it and that's my main concern. But my hubby got hush spray (it's basically numbing spray/gel for tattoos and piercings) and I really want to do it. I know it's super bad because I can get an infection and stuff but has anyone successfully gotten a piercing while pregnant that didn't lead to infection? I'm a very clean person I'm really good about keeping tattoos and piercings clean.. I just wanna know if anyone has accomplished it during pregnancy? And please don't tell me I need to wait or I should wait. That's not my question and just because I'm asking doesn't mean I'm going to do it. Thanks.


— My aunt had one when she was pregnant, it got severely infected.

— @chocohunnybees, that makes sense lol I hadnt really thought about that but I'm not worried about that anyways lol

— Yeah your so close to baby's arrival, why not just wait.. Your body is so susceptible to infections, etc right now. 😔

— with a lip ring, if you don't brush your teeth, it let's in a ton of bacteria and plaque will stay to form on the lip ring and it causes a bunch of infections @mrsschutte1323

— I'd wait. Your body does weird stuff when your pregnant. My dermal that I've had for nearly 5 years rejected when I got pregnant.

— Plus your baby most likely will grab at it and try to rip it out. I got my nose done after I had my son and all he did was grab my face. I had to take it out.

— My best friend got her tongue pierced when she was 5 months and still has it. no infection!

— I'd just wait. You only have a little bit more to go & I wouldn't risk it. I got my piercings and tattoos after I had my son and it was worth the wait.

— Well I mean I do brush my teeth daily anyways but what does that have to do with it? (That sounded rude and I of course did not mean it like that just curious lol I've never heard that as a precaution to getting your lip pierced lol) @chocohunnybees

— You only have 10 weeks left....why not just wait till after you have your baby.....

— most places won't do it. while pregnant your body is different and just because you keep it clean you can still get an infection which could harm the baby. I wouldn't risk it.

— done my last pregnancy and as long as you brush your teeth daily, you'll be finw