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has any mommies experience pain while having sex ! I'm 36 w…

has any mommies experience pain while having sex ! I'm 36 weeks 3 days and the doctor recommended to have sex twice a week to try to open up... but every time I try it hurts ... plus it feels weird lol any advice?


— yes OMG I'm so buying some tonigth.. lol hope it works :D thanks @lkitchen

— Yes proper lubrication makes a 100% difference. Women are prone to not being able to self lubricate as efficiently while Prego. I will admit I suffer from that and it hurts soooo bad if I forget to use it.

— @cece-sabbah, same here ... we do it feels weird lol cause my belly but we try on the side ect.. hopefully it will get it better

— @lkitchen, I will try that today lol I will also buy some lube to see if that helps because it gets really tight right away

— @babyisa88, so do I and this is my first pregnancy :/ I dnt have any problems until I reached 36 weeks ...

— Try "doggie style" lol it is like the only thing that has been comfortable for me. Hope it gets better for you!😕

— I am 28wks & it hurts to have sex I feel bad sometimes bcuz my bf gets upset seeing that I don't enjoy it like before but idk it jus hurts a lot I didn't have this problem with my first pregnancy 😕 @prettyperly82

— I know what you mean and it hurts but I do it just to make sure I keep him happy and satisfied but if it gets too painful for you try to do it slow and ease yourself into it

— I feel the pain right after I have to pee then after I get side pain I feel bad because I feel like I'm not pleasing my boyfriend but it's something I have to do...@cece-sabbah,

— I get it everytime then 2-3 days later I have pain when I walk