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Anyone know where I can get a Doppler on the cheap side? I …

Anyone know where I can get a Doppler on the cheap side? I don't really wanna pay more than. 20$ but I don't want a crappy one that doesn't work either. 😊


— eBay is your best option

— @kinsleyraesmommy,

— I always check eBay. Most sellers are open to offers

— @kinsleyraesmommy,

— I bought the one that was like $25 it's an Angel sounds one that's green and has a green heart on top you can use aloe gel as the ultrasound gel

— Yeah I haven't had any problems with it , of course at first when the baby is still little it can be difficult to find a heart beat but now that she's big I just place it on my belly and listen until she gets annoyed and kicks the Doppler :)!

— Awesome thanks! @brandylemonds15 .. Does it work as good as the ones at the doctor?

— Mine is by angel sounds if that helps any good luck on finding one :)

— That's not bad at all @lilanne1927 I didn't even think about checking on there. I'll check there too. Thanks!:)

— Awesome thanks Yall I looked on Amazon I didn't really see any the cheapest one I see is a "listening system" I think it's one of those you wrap around your belly.. I'm gonna keep looking on there though. @brandylemonds15 @alibabymay2016 and thanks @kansas.ftm.camomomma. I'll check that site out did you buy one from there?

— I got mine off eBay. FDA approved, one yr warranty, extra probe and a medium sized tube of gel for 30. Original prize was 35 plus 5 in shipping but was lucky enough to get it for 30 and talked the person out of shipping.

— fetal doppler.net

— Amazon?

— I got mine of of Amazon for 20 bucks