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Honestly, one of the appeals of preggie for me is that I do…

Honestly, one of the appeals of preggie for me is that I don't have to see politically charged posts. I'm all for having opinions on current events, I just enjoy having at least one social media outlet that's free of divisive and inflammatory content. 😒


— @levleah, Depends. Mine came with a special foot pump thing! Lmao but try your bike pump!

— @camdensmama, ok so I'm a moron and have an exercise ball but it's deflated... how do i pump it up?? like with a bicycle pump??

— @levleah, yea. Same here girl. This boy better hurry his ass up. Idk how much longer I can bounce on this exercise ball. Lmao. It kills my back!!!

— @camdensmama, same here! I'd love for her to get here before thanksgiving buuuut I know I have no control over that

— @levleah, ya. Every since this morning I've just been really preparing because I feel like it's gonna happen soon! But at the same time. I thought he was also gonna be 2 weeks early forever ago and that didn't happen. Lol so I'm praying it happens soon!

— @camdensmama, I'm at 1cm and 50% effaced...and my OB says her head is super low! I still haven't had any BH or real contractions, tho. I wonder when you'll have baby C?? Do you feel like labor is near?

— @levleah, any progress yet!? I know you're a couple weeks behind me. But hey maybe she will come a little early! I'm dilated to a 1 and lost my mucus plug this morning! 👌🏻

— save the political posts for Facebook. I agree.

— @montanamomma_2015, so can I! no shame!

— @levleah, lol 😂 sadly I can eat the whole thing

— @montanamomma_2015, ooohhh, now I want a totino's pizza!!

— OMG I did that with totinos pizza today. 😋 I'd love to have fries now lmao. 😂

— @camdensmama, girl, it was! but now I feel like I'm gonna barf. ugghhh I'm over being pregnant!

— @levleah, yessss!!!! That sounds yummyyyy!

— @montanamomma_2015, word!