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For ladies pregnant with girls i am curious how active they…

For ladies pregnant with girls i am curious how active they was at 18 week


— Holy cow thats a lot of sleeping

— I'm having a boy, but my friend is pregnant with a girl and she rarely ever feels her! I feel my boy at least once a day, so I assume that maybe girls are just more mellow than the boys!

— rarely felt her move until 22 weeks. now she moves all over. they sleep 12-14 hours a day.

— Awwww

— Baby girls often sleep a lot more than boys, I didn't start feeling my baby till 21/22 weeks and even then she wouldn't move so often because she was always sleeping. I'd always get nervous and scared so my husband bought me a fetal Doppler so I can listen to her heartbeat whenever I wanted to calm my nerves lol.

— Oh wow so maybe my baby is not lazy but the doc had to push on my sides n shit to make her flip and move some and that hurt n even then she was real stubborn

— I didn't feel my baby girl move alot until 21 weeks. at 18 weeks I felt flutters rarely honestly. but now she never stops moving & I'm 25 weeks

— I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow. I feel her move sometimes. Yesterday she was stubborn and I didn't feel her once! Today I felt a couple times.

— Not my baby ugh she is lazy

— my boyfriend could feel her at 18 weeks. Sadie was very active even that early