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I worried for nothing! People are actually using my baby re…

I worried for nothing! People are actually using my baby registry list 😊👶🏼📒 I'm so happy 😂 Baby shower this Saturday 💕😋


— that's awesome. Hope everything does go well for ya ☺️☺️

— @phoenixsmommy_2016,

— @phpenixsmommy_2016, aww that's my baby shower colors too😱😱

— pink and purple. she is our little princess 👑😇 lol we are gonna have 2 cakes at our baby shower. my bf is Hispanic and I wanted to incorporate his heritage so we are getting a tres leches (3 milk) cake. my moms getting the other cake. I just hope everything looks good at the party and goes well. @mommytomia

— @phoenixsmommy_2016, aww that's cute! 💕😊 what's your color theme. and same here. getting up early on Saturday, gonna doll up, and help set up and get the cake ☺️☺️

— maybe its a girl thing lol I'm not sure yet, waiting friday for my bfs check to get a cute outfit and my boots he promised me lol we are setting up the building early on Saturday. I'm sure I'm getting on everyone's nerves cuz I want everything to be cute and perfect (dang hormones lol) @mommytomia

— @phoenixsmommy_2016, Awww! that's how my little girl is. I have to keep switching from laying on my left and right side lol 😆😋👶🏼 She loves adjusting to mommy! So cute! & are you getting any pampering done before your baby shower! 😁😁🎀 I'm getting my nails done tmrw hehe baby shower themed 💕

— feeling a lot of pressure today lol I feel heavy as well, makes my back hurt a little. she's being lazy today. she loves to push on my sides when I'm trying to sleep lol @mommytomia

— @phoenixsmommy_2016, heavy! 😅😂 her kicks & movements are soo strong now, I get so excited to feel her move 👶🏼😁🎀 what about you hun

— awww. how are you feeling being 32 weeks? @mommytomia

— @phoenixsmommy_2016, we have the same exact due date 😍

— @phoenixsmommy_2016, omg congrats hun 😊💕 have a wonderful time!

— omg my baby shower is Saturday also 😄