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Is it weird that I'm delivering at 2:30am this girl on baby…

Is it weird that I'm delivering at 2:30am this girl on babybump keeps asking why and why blah blah. ive already told her why and she still keeps asking I'm like probably because he works at a Clinic and takes care of 70or more patients in a day. I don't see a problem with it does anyone else???


— no it is not weird. you can deliver at anytime really.

— I've been on there over 2 years, I mostly lurk there now I've made a few good friends from there I text daily. I've become pretty fond of this app though and I'm on here way more now haha

— yesss of course. <3(:

— OK good luck mama. you excited to see them???

— @mumof2,

— yeaaah since there making me deliver the twins at 37+3 .

— Righhtt. I don't even use that apo that much anymore I'm always on preggies :) @lilyandkaidynsmommy

— you going to be induce Hun??

— Lol I love baby bump but sometimes the ladies on there can be something else! Who cares what time you go in to deliver haha

— hahahaha xD @jdrose

— yeah she knows lol. @babygirl0101

— tell her to take a hike and break a leg and an arm...........and a toe

— @ktwins188, does she not know that you're having twins? Lol

— it's none of the lady's on this app its on babybump

— ha-ha I know. @babygirl0101 she also like you should tell them why so early. she already got on my nerves