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so fair warning to all you mom's running to burlington to b…

so fair warning to all you mom's running to burlington to buy baby stuff,me and my boyfriend went there today when leaving the tires on the cart locked and i slammed into the cart stomach first. the part that irritated me the most was there is no sighn stating that the tires lock or the fact that the cashier watched me and my boyfriend try to walk through the door and didn't say anything not even when she saw me hurt my stomach. 😠


— Omg mine I was the the grocery store today and mine the cart I was using did the same thing as I was walking halfway to my car to leave . I had to carry the groceries like 5 feet . I'm glad your okay tho

— hahah I know right :p

— I was thinking about it but I just elite I was mad lol now looking back I should've made them give me a discount or something xD @ktwins188

— you should of complain to the store manager but either way I'm glad your okay

— I know they do it but here most places have a sighn by the door or even in the actually cart, I think it should be a warning especially if I had hurt the baby that could've been so bad on their part @ktwins188

— it happens to most stores so people don't steal the carts it happens to stores where I live a few years ago I was gonna take the cart because I was walking home and had alot of food before leaving the store area the cart lock and went up and landed on my foot

— I am I just can't believe that happened! @ktwins188

— I hope ur OK girl

— @ktwins188, @mrs_lovely_drea

— I was so mad and my bf was so worried cuz i guess I was walking pretty fast because the whole cart lifted up I was so mad

— people are stupid

— that bitch