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I took this test late afternoon yesterday, this morning the…

I took this test late afternoon yesterday, this morning there was the slightest line, but it wasn't quite straight. anyone have any ideas? is it negative?


— try the digital ones from clear blue it has like 2 test one digital and the other one has like a + or negative . I used those.

— how many days past ovulation are you. ?

— if I take a digital one will it read it better? @babyalavez

— I took another one and it was another positive. these lines are so faint it's taking 2 hours to pop up. @babyalavez

— the other was lighter ! it's a positive ... try first response !

— this was at 4 weeks. but it's the second I took

— it's positive !! mine was the same at 4 weeks. and I took a digital and it said pregnant !!

— @mamadev,

— @mamadev,

— Hmm yeah just wait a week or so and try again or go to the doc for a blood test of your impatient which I understand cause I would be

— I have no idea @lacywriter91

— I was four weeks when I took this one

— @mrsshove, how far would u been I f it was positive


— Looks negative maybe wait a week and try again I took mine at 4 weeks and it showed up really bright all three times I was pregnant these test are quite accurate