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I'm 28 weeks and still haven't leaked any colostrum yet. Do…

I'm 28 weeks and still haven't leaked any colostrum yet. Does this mean that I won't have a lot of breast milk? 😞 I really want to breast feed baby valerie😖


— @abella1023 did ya try it yet hehehe 😉

— @abella1023, no it didn't take any longer for my milk to come in, at least I didn't think it did. Just remember to have patience and that it's perfectly normal to have rough days. When they are growing they will cluster feed and that is just to increase your supply to their need, if you supplement with formula your supply won't increase like they need it too. I know it can be rough and I didn't make it past the 6 week mark with my first two but it was such a great bonding experience with my next two.

— I'm a FTM mom and I'm like praying that I will be able to breast feed...😣 hopefully our supply will come in soon!

— But*

— @lucylu2, Yess and with my first born either I didn't try hard enough or I didn't have any buy I couldn't get her to latch on and not enough was coming out to pump😞

— @blessedw7, haha I hadn't tried that I'm going to lol🙊😝

— @soontobemomof5, Ohhh good. Did it take the Milk longer to come in once your baby was born?

— I've leaked very little and it was only for a couple of days!! I'm with you, I really want to breastfeed so I'm praying that the goods come!

— I wouldn't have known in had mine other day until I squeezed lol

— I've never leaked and successfully breastfed my last two with no problem.

— @Jackie1124, Ohhh good to hear! I see people on here saying they start leaking like early in the 20 weeks mark. I'm like almost 30 and nothing😩 thanksss

— It'll probably come later. I leaked very little from 30 weeks on and then after he was born, BAM! leaked like crazy and my boobs felt like rocks :/