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Hey ladies, I can really use some help. I'm a first time pr…

Hey ladies, I can really use some help. I'm a first time pregnant mom-to-be and I'm sure I've felt baby move but I haven't today and I'm starting to get nervous. I'm not having any cramping nor bleeding so that's a good sign right? I'm just really scared. I'm 19 weeks. Please help.


— You don't need to do a kick count until 28 weeks so don't worry too much. Baby could have turned and now you can't feel it.

— It'll probably be about 9-10 more weeks until baby is all the time and then doctor might suggest kick counts

— With my first I didn't feel him move until I was 20 weeks

— second time mom and have been feeling my baby move since 13 weeks almost 18 weeks now and today I didn't feel my baby move or no morning sickness I usually throw up everyday well I put a ice cube on my belly and let it melt. few seconds later my baby was moving all over the place and I threw up 5 times lol.

— Okay, thank you all very much

— some ftm don't feel anything until 25 weeks, so don't stress

— Thank you for the tip! @marleiismama

— Drink cold water or juice and lay on your side

— Oh thank you I was praying it was nothing bad

— It's normal not to feel baby consistently at this point.