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Fiancé doesn't want me to announce on Facebook for another …

Fiancé doesn't want me to announce on Facebook for another month because we just got engaged a month ago... Should I be sad or respect his feelings. For some reason my feelings are hurt...


— people can add, majority of people know pregnancy is 40 weeks, so even when you post updates if somebody really wanted 2 they could figure out that you were already preg when you got engaged

— I didn't put anything on Facebook but that's only because one my fiancé had just passed and I felt it would be insensitive to post anything so soon after the funeral and two I'd had a previous miscarriage and we wanted to be absolutely sure she was perfectly healthy and I wasn't at risk for another miscarriage, but most pregnancies anytime after 12 weeks is the perfect time to announce

— I Would Just Enjoy The Moment & Then Announce It Because Not Everybody Is Gonna Be Happy For You

— He most likely doesn't want ppl to think that's the only reason why you're getting married! Plus, enjoy all the attention on your engagements. Let baby cook and then announce! ☺️☺️ wishing you guys all the best

— We waited til I was out of my 1st trimester in case we lost the baby. He might just be playing it safe?

— Men are secretly sensitive that's why they love to cuddle or fall asleep in our laps.

— Thank you girls ... Without fail u ease my mind and make me calm. He's so unemotional that it's hard to get him to open his feelings up.. But, with what your saying it all makes sense now..@ladimogul @hale @peachs75

— Me and my boyfriend waited till 20 weeks to announce our pregnancy on fb. I don't know. I wouldn't take it like he's ashamed. Just like doesn't want people to think you're getting married because you're pregnant. People can be mean

— He may just want to savor it personally. My hubby hates ALL social media.

— Probably doesn't want people to think you "have" to get married. like a shotgun wedding