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Has anyone else experienced really itchy legs during pregna…

Has anyone else experienced really itchy legs during pregnancy! I'm guessing it's a symptom cause my legs have never itched before I was pregnant


— 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽

— It's usually in the last trimester of pregnancy and is severe itching of hands and feet and or other areas. It blocks the bile ducks causing issues for the baby that can be very dangerous.

— It's an issue with liver while pregnant !

— @mrs.stephens, yeah it happens for like 1 minute then it stops itching it's really random

— what is cholestasis @just9monthsx3 ??

— I itch all over but mostly my legs too! no idea what it could be, it isn't all the time but happens often

— omg yesssss! Mine have been itching like mad!

— I got Eczema on one of my calfs but like literally the night after I gave birth it started going away

— Talk to your ob it could be cholestasis. I was really itchy and never had it but I don't want you to chance it !

— *I get it too. We have like 50% more blood in our bodies during pregnancy.

— I think it's blood flow. I