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tmi post for a friend! she had a d&c on friday and passed t…

tmi post for a friend! she had a d&c on friday and passed this this morning, pics in comment


— look like a baby to me

— I had lots of this when I miscarried and after D&C. I'm sorry for her loss.

— it looks like mine when I jad a miscarriage =( prayers going your way!

— @nashswifey, honestly it does :( i would tell her to go get checked out love i am praying everything is okay with her

— Strikingly similar.

— When I had my miscarriage it looked something like this. I would go to the er tell them she had a d&c but this is still coming out. They could have missed some. I'm sorry for your friends loss also 🙏

— poor thing. I hope your friend feels better.

— is it just us or does it look like the baby tho? @tayek @dollfacenanii

— D & C is a dilatation and curettage. They're done after a miscarriage of the body doesn't pass the baby's remains naturally.

— @nashswifey, those are blood clots if she keeps getting them she should call ger doctor.. I had a D&E done after my daughter & they said if clots come out then i should go get seen those are pretty big as well i hope everything is okay

— what's a D&C?

— What is that ????

— dandc means?

— three

— two