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What are the best bottles to use?

What are the best bottles to use?


— Yeah I got one too. My sister is using Dr.Brown but she said she don't like them because once she start giving it to my nephew if flows without pause.

— I liked Latch brand too! I got a free one from a registry, it was good.

— I think I will buy one of each and see which one works better. Thank you girls.

— Dr Browns!! Also Avent. & latch munchkin. My baby choked on the Tommee tippees each time we tried with them. (Yes we were using the correct size nipple flow)

— *if you use formula I should add.

— They leaked no matter what I did, apparently other people had the same problem. Kinda difficult, you have to stir the formula instead of shake it, and you can't fill it past the line, plus the nipples were fairly long and my daughter when she was nb would choke. But we used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature set and they were great. my daughter wasn't too picky on bottles but I just really liked them.

— why you didn't like Dr.Browns @their.bomb.ass.mom

— Hated Dr. Browns. Loveeeedd Tommee Tippee! using them again with this baby!

— I bought Dr brown and there made in the USA !!

— what about tommee tippee?

— I'll be using dr Browns & Avent!

— Dr.Browns

— Dr brown