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I keep seeing posts about having to pee in a cup at every a…

I keep seeing posts about having to pee in a cup at every appointment. I only had to pee at the first couple of my appointments and thsts it. Hmmm


— I only peed once in a cup i alwAys ask if they want me to they say 👎 no

— I pee everytime . My dr said its a must especially to check if protein is in your urine

— I pee everytime I go there

— I notice this too. every time I go to my appointment I have to pee in a couple. wtf why? is that how they check for infection?

— I pee every time too.

— only peed in a cup once at my ob to confirm I was pregnant and I peed on those little sticks to check my protein level but I never used a cup for that

— @valentinesbaby, ^^

— Hmm. I pre every time. One of the things they do is to see if there is protein in your urine. It is a sign of pre-eclampsia. I'm glad they check, but it gets pretty difficult when you can barely reach.

— I had to every appointment what do they even test for? they have never told me anything so guess my pee is OK lol

— I only had to a couple times and it was at the beginning and when I was in labor.

— I have to every frickin appointment!

— Fr I have to pee every time or they have a fit

— I always have to pee in cups lol I don't mind cause I always have to pee anyways

— You're lucky lol.

— ugh I have to every time