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how's everyone doing today? ☺️

how's everyone doing today? ☺️


— i hope his eye get better though..

— ohh ok thats your shift everyday ? and yes thats a good ass lawsuit.. !! he smart cause i would have sued too.. that could do permanent damage to someone..

— @threekings101415, i got 4-9 and matts eye is still not good .. hes at a meeting with a lawyer right now hes sueing his company for not having the proper equipment for when people get injured they dont have an eye wash station or none of that.. he still cant see out of it

— how is your man eye !

— what time you get off ? I go in from 5-1

— oh good. i hope your job goes good for you i hope you will like it :) oh cute! hes a cutie

— @threekings101415, same too i go in at 4 @juliagail09 orientation was good signed some papers and watched this movie on everything important about Chuck E Cheese. Max is doing good! He's eating right now and falling asleep.

— people make me mad...they take advantage foo quick. give them an inch and they take a mile lol but ill be ok hopefully soon. ha oh no im sorry. how did your orientation go yesterday?? hows little max doing?

— doing fine.. waiting to go to work later.

— @juliagail09, why are you aggravated?? 😨 I'm good.. just woke up I'm not feeling too good..

— barely woke up and im already aggravated! lol how are you?!