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Im 4 months. 4 months came fast!

Im 4 months. 4 months came fast! Its when u hit 6 months it seems to slow down!

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— @yeahchloe, up until i got to my 6 month mark my entire pregnancy was moving so slow now im literally almost 8 months in 2 weeks

— Oh yeah, it always seems to go fast until 6-7 months!!! Time is dragging so slow for me now.

— @dollfacenanii, its moving fast for me.

— @mamalamadingdong, 1 thing im happy about is my bigger months it will be winter n maybe i wont feel the cold much. Lol

— Yes, you are lucky lol! I'm hating this hot California summer right now.

— @mamalamadingdong, ohhhh :( that sucks!