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Hey ladies I just created my profile.. I'm over 17 weeks with my first so I get to find out the sex soon :) do any of you believe in those wives tales about knowing the sex ? I throw up constantly... wives tale says that points to having a girl :) but who knows ....

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— I've heard that, with girls you get sick and boys no I still get sick and I'm having a little girl♡

— for me, I broke out a lot and they said that meant girl because she's taking in your beauty. I craved sweets all the time, still do. I did get sick a lot and migraines. :)

— I had horrible morning sickness and I am having a girl 🎀

— i had horrible morning sickness for the first trimester and it was a girl. now im not having much morninf sickness at all , hoping its a boy

— @andreaooragnak, I broke out bad too in the first trimester, morning sickness was HORRIBLE...sure enough, I am having a girl. Btw, Aloha and welcome to preggie! Congratulations on becoming a pregster! Happy posting!

— welcome to preggie and congrats on your LO. I personally do NOT believe in the old wives tales. I have one girl and I am pregnant with my sixth boy. I had and still have horrible morning sickness, I had breakouts like I was a young teen, and I craved nothing but sweets, and my baby's heart rate was 170. All the wives tales pointed to girl, but after genetic testing and several sonograms, I AM HAVING ANOTHER BOY!!

— aw I feel the love, thanks for all the comments :) did any of you ladies have a gut instinct of the sex that turned out right ? I know I shouldn't have a preference but I already have a girl name picked out ;) we shall see in two weeks... it just seems like all my friends are having boys...Idk if I'm meant to change that up.