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Saw this in Facebook ! No the original parent shouldn't get…

Saw this in Facebook ! No the original parent shouldn't get mad over it!! I say be grateful that the person who came into your child's life actually love them and cares for them and accepts them ! Now if they are doing wrong then yes be upset.


— @mssjudyk well that's YOUR opinion .

— saying no other female will not parent your child is silly. honestly if the chick is kind hearted and genuinely cares about my son. I do not oppose at all. I grew up in a household where my step mother was the devil and it was hell fir me. but I didn't have a mom to defend me. mines died.
I have no control over who my ex dates. but I sure was he'll will beat the living shit out of ver if she dares touch my son. I don't mind discipline, but that's why I'd sit diwn with her and lay out the rules. . and warnings and consequences.. just as long as you verbalize what you expect things should be ok.

— @lovemynugget12, I agree with you

— No other female is parenting my child . Period .

— I mean that's different. I would want to meet the other person to. But if they are doing right by your child it's not point of being mad. If only they are in a serious relationship then that's when I am okay with it. If I see that they just break up and get back together no then don't bring it around my child.

— I would be furious . If I haven't met her , I don't just want anybody around my child . That also makes it like you as a parent isn't doing your job if another person comes and starts taking care of your baby. And it could get confusing for the baby.