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Ladies with children already...what do you think is the rig…

Ladies with children already...what do you think is the right time to stop giving naps? It seem like the older my son gets the harder it is to get him to sleep..he is five is that too old?


— My son will be 3 in Sept. I stopped having him nap when he was 2 1/2yrs old because he would go to sleep very late at night. No more naps and he's asleep by no later than 8:30pm and wakes up around 9am the next day.

— Whenever they're ready. My niece stopped right before she turned 7. As kids we never had "nap time" hatted being forced to go to sleep we slept when we were tired. Me and my brother had to be picked up from pre K early because we refused nap time it was the last thing they did before pick up and we wouldn't do it so everyday we went home early. I was 2 my brother was 4.

— My son stopped taking naps right before he started kindergarten he was a little over 5 almost 6

— Thanks ladies! He is just so hyper I feel like a nap is a good way to calm him down but at the same time I'm feeling like he is just too old for it

— My kids are young and still need naps, but when I was a nanny I think around 5 years old is when a good cut off was.

— My son is only one but I have a niece who is about to turn five, she rarely takes naps anymore..pretty much only when she's played real hard that day. The way I see it is that if he's five he will be starting kindergarten soon and they don't take naps in kindergarten where we live.

— @wisky80wife, I'm not a mom yet, but the families I have nannied for always stopped naps around the age of 3. Now the kids only nap if they are super exhausted and just fall asleep. I don't think there is a perfect age, just what works best for you and your child!!

— It depends on your parenting needs . I have 3 kids ages 9yrs , 6yrs , & 4yrs old . I use to make them nap but now I have them on a bedtime schedule . My oldest has ADHD so getting him to nap is impossible . I like my kids in bed now at a certain time so they no longer nap during the day .