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My morning so far 💕

My morning so far 💕


— Yeah I totally get that @gaillynn

— This is her with her little pony tail lol, it's still to short around her eyes to put up

— Yeah I always cut them out,because I feel so bad, lol she is cute I just didn't like her hair that short lol

— Lol she's adorable. You could always just cut the matted part off if you can't brush all the way through @gaillynn

— This is what she looked like when we cut her a few months ago lol I hated it

— Yeah mine is 8 months but we cut her like three months ago for summer and so now she is at an awkward stage! And yes they are so much up keep, she hates getting brushed and so I.its hard to get her brushed all the way through, and she sometimes gets matted, it makes me sad, for her.

— She's only 7 months and we've never cut her hair lol so her whole 7 month life. But I want to cut it, when Thor hair is that long you have to brush it at least twice a day, or they get matted and it pulls their skin 😥 she is such a spoiled dog lol @gaillynn

— How long did it take to grow her hair like that! My Cleo is in the in between stages and I can't stand it lol and I want to be able to put it all up like that!