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So I'm starting to try to get a list together of things tha…

So I'm starting to try to get a list together of things that I need for my baby shower. I already have a:
Pack and play
Stroller/car seat combo
Bath tub
Swaddle blankets
Some clothes
First aid kit
Diaper bag
I feel like all I need left as far as essentials is just breast pump, diapers, and some more clothes. What else as far as essentials do you think I need? I appreciate all opinions, thank you! :)


— Think about a diaper genie too! I wasn't sure I wanted one, but then one of my girlfriends mentioned the possibility of my dog getting into the garbage and how HORRENDOUS it would be to clean that up!! Hahaha so needless to say, that went on my registry immediately afterward!

— Oh and nursing pads, bags, bottles, etc. :) you'll also need nursing bras and tanks, if breastfeeding!

— I went and bought some last minute things you might ask for, like a first aid kit, Vaseline (if you're having a boy and will be circumcising him), rubbing alcohol and lots of baby QTips, Gas drops, baby tylenol, diapers, extra sheets for us (for the bleeding postpartum or if baby sleeps with us) and extra sheets for his bed and changing pad, baby laundry soap, bathing essentials, there's SO many little things. Make sure you have plenty of clothes, wipes and diapers! Gosh it's crazy all they need

— Depending on your insurance you can get a free breast pump! And if you can make sure you ask specifically for a Medela!

— Pacifiers

— How about baby washcloths, bath bath etc, baby towels, baby toys for the baby car seat