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All This Extra Ass Discharge Be Having Me Worried, I Be Run…

All This Extra Ass Discharge Be Having Me Worried, I Be Running To The Bathroom Like I'm Bleeding or Something 😩🙅 I Hate Discharge.


— its extremely frustrating! @queenquee

— @amber.s95, yessssss I go through that, where it will come through my pants (only If my pants are thin though) and yes it is normal, but I hate it. omg its so frustrating.

— I have the same problem. I have to wear panty liners and change them pretty often because sometimes its so bad itll soak through my underwear and get on my pants. I talked to my ob about it and he said its normal as long as it doesnt have an odor or strange color and to make sure im changing the liner frequently so I dont get an infection. oh the joys of pregnancy lol

— @momforz, yesssss. pregnant women struggle.

— Ik ewww hate it😝

— @momforz, yes and I hate the watery looking discharge it feel so much like blood.

— 😖struggles

— @momforz, yes laundry stay getting done over here. I hate a lot of dirty clothes and I stay changing panties. 😩😩 @leesaja I've tried them but they are so uncomfortable to me. 😔

— Yeah i use to but i was told it cause yeast infections

— Same here have yall tried panty liners? @temeshawalker @queenquee I go thru like 3 a day but they really do help

— Hate it to have to be changing every time

— @temeshawalker, yes I hate it

— yesssssss I be scared. like please don't let this blood. especially when it be a lot @emc229

— Smdh i went to the bathroom real nervouse and yeah it was discharge....

— Yesssssssssss same here. I shower feeling all clean & then I'm like the f was that. 😒 The things we do... unwillingly lol.