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Probly (tmi) Anyone else feel like they dont have a sex lif…

Probly (tmi) Anyone else feel like they dont have a sex life now that they are pregnant 😕 lool #sexuallydeprived


— I'm 24 weeks and me and my partner are still at it like rabbits lol. I'll admit though it's not as adventurous as it used to be as were quite restricted to certain positions due to my bump and his pizza bump lol. I feel more sexier than ever being pregnant and my partner thinks I'm lush even though my thighs are huge. I always think it's important to try keep the spark and make the most of it now before baba gets here and I'll be too tired. Don't get me wrong though sometimes I can't be chewed but there is always other ways to get your fix 😉 x

— Same I keep saying I look fat turn the lights off pull the quilt over our heads ect but he won't have any of it nice really I Spose

— it's odd for me this time around. with my others, my ex found me utterly repulsive and frequently told me so so intimacy was totally off the cards. this time my partner still finds me desirable which is an odd thing for me but I've never felt so sexual. I'm loving it. I hope it doesn't change!!! 😊

— Oooohh exciting times,the feelin you get wen u see bubba on screen is out this world,😍 it shudnt be long now,@winterbaby95 @pj bless you i wasnt at the start but now i am it took me about 5months after my first to heal properly dwn there cus i had to be cut etc..dont want that to happen again 😩 x @mummytobe im exact same i always say the same thats probably why i have put him of even tho we know baby is protected lol,baby has a right party after we have had it so it must feel something 🙊x

— Me and my partner have a good sex life have it regularly but I do tend to worry more not to fast not to hard take it slow go easy don't push on my belly as soon as it's over get out I want a wee ect so sex has become less and less attractive lol

— we had sex once during this pregnancy, I'm just never up for it :-( but I do like a good spoon hhaaaa @mummy123

— Yes, I can't wait until the 12 week scan. Just 4 more weeks xD XD :) :) :) Yeah, I might just go with my gut. Yeah, my mum will be thrilled if it's twins! She doesn't stop going on about it. Will just have to wait until my scan. If it is twins then I want one of each! I think my 12 week scan will be around the 24-26th of July. :) Just waiting for my midwife to get in touch with me :) @mummy123

— @tori27, cant see ur comment it says deleted lol x

— Oohh @sara87 is due same month as you once you go for ur 12wk scan you will know for sure that accurate date...eeek exciting times,haha it is i dont know how iv done it the suspense is killin me cuz iv had mixed opnions of ppl some of sed boy (although more have sed boy) and others girl,normally ur gut is always right,twins wow that wud be amazing 😍 i think im havin another boy although it wud be nice to have a girl so i can have one of each only time will tell when you got ur 12wk scan? @winterbaby95 x

— My due date is February 6th from what I worked out. But my GP said the end of January :) We will see xD I wasn't originally going to find out the sex until birth.That was my view on it even before I became pregnant. But now I think I'm going to find out. It's already hard enough having to wait for these 3 months to pass before my 3 month scan. So I don't know how I would ever cope not finding out until birth! My family think I am having a boy. I'm not totally sure. But I think we will get a surprise anyway when we do find out. My mum also keeps talking about me having twins. My gut tells me that I think I'm having a girl. If it is a girl I would be so shocked. I've always pictured myself having a son but not bothered either way. Just want a happy healthy bub! @mummy123

— hehe true say @mummy123 x

— comment was deleted

— @sara87, i know wat u mean alsorts of things do go through your head,but men have to put up with alot of crap from us too 😉 @tori27 wow i salute you so theres only a year between ur kids thats soo cute it took me 4years to conceive my first,wish id have got pregnant that quick there will be A 3year age gap between them but to be fair i breastfed my boy for 22mnths then i started tryin lol,no im nor fastin @tori27 i wanted to try but i wud have struggled my hubys fastin so thats why nothin can happen i will have to make them up later.xx

— @mummy123 are you doing Ramadan? Thought it didn't appeal if you where pregnant :/

— @mummy123 lol, it doesn't bother me I wouldn't do it whilst pregnant I never did whilst pregnant with my other 3 children, plus I've always had an amazing sex life with my 3 babies dad no wonder I had 3 babies in less than 3 years lol, & had brill sex life with this baby's dad wasn't with him long lol il survive x