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wish I could find other mommies to relate with. I have a gr…

wish I could find other mommies to relate with. I have a growth ultrasound scheduled for wednesday, I will be 36 weeks and 3 days. I feel like my bump is entirely too small to be 35 weeks pregnant and I constantly worry that he may not be growing anymore or getting nourishment. his heart rate is fine and hes very active. I just want him to be ok....


— Every woman pregnancy is different some are huge some are small

— I agree I'm three months and I'm showing a little lol but this is my fourth pregnancy so if its your first your not going to show and its also depends on your pre pregnancy weight too

— everyone says im carrying in my butt and boobs too. I just worry so much. I just want him to be ok.

— I'm almost 8 months and have no stomach... I have to wear something fitted to even seem like I'm pregnant and then ppl think I have a gut... My doctor says I'm carrying the baby in my but and boobs. My husband wants to take maternity pics but I'm hesitant because I don't look pregnant😩😫😩😫

— Every pregnant women is different not everyone carries the same when I was pregnant with my son everyone said I looked small but it's cause he was mainly in my back except towards the end of it he was 7 lbs 10 oz very healthy