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Can you bleach you're hair while pregnant ?

Can you bleach you're hair while pregnant ?


— I was told bleaching is perfectly fine as long as its well ventilated. I know a ton of people who bleached their hair & the doctor said it was fine. my Dr said I could bleach my teeth so hair is perfectly fine.

— I did. and baby girl is perfect but it's not recommended to bleach your hair while pregnant

— Please check with your doctor first before you do anything

— no.

— I would check in with your doctor first, and go to a stylist you trust. I went in to get my roots bleached over again and my stylist recommended that we do foils instead so that the color wouldn't QUITE touch my scalp. She said it was more for my comfort because she has colored/bleached hair with pregnant women before (and gotten it done herself last year when she was pregnant) and color seems to burn your scalp a lot worse while you're pregnant than it normally would! So just be cautious, and maybe go with foils instead of an all over color 😉

— I'm sorry I'm posting so many comments lol, if you're trying to just lighten it, they have a lightener at Walmart that works really well

— and if you're gonna dye it, I would use manic panic dye for now because they do a more natural based stuff specificly for pregnant women

— Make sure it doesn't touch your scalp or anywhere on your skin

— nooooo bleaching, they saying dying is okay. but absolutely no bleaching

— Make sure you are in a very well ventilated area.. I would ask your doctor though. I dyed my hair, but I didn't bleach it..