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tomorrow is going to be 2 weeks since I have birth my vagin…

tomorrow is going to be 2 weeks since I have birth my vagina is still killing me.. this hurts .,😰😭😨😪😱


— I felt like it got worse

— thanks omg I being using wipes to dry ... I do use the bottle.. @tiffany09 I still have the ice pack they gave me going to use it tonight

— on the outside of your stitches and/or perineum area. its a numbing spray and has really been helping me. I use it with the cold pads. I get better leverage when I spray it while still on the toilet cause of where my stitches are located. and if you still have the water bottle they have you to squirt keep using that after you use the bathroom and remember to only use the tissue to pay dry and not wipe @jadon

— where should I spray the spray @tiffany09

— do I spray

— the pain spray really helps!

— $6-$7 in walmart

— for how much @irisedith

— they sell em at the drug stores i had to get more they helped me out alot especially with my stitches

— yeah @irisedith yea wet is done

— hemmeroid ** sorry but the wet pads are called Tucks and they help ALOT

— did they give you a pain spray and hemorid wet pads