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We are breaking lease && they want $3000 upfront before we …

We are breaking lease && they want $3000 upfront before we leave plus we have to spend about 2000 to move in new place. This is so frustrating. I swear the devil is trying to get in the way of us having another baby at the end of the year 😕😕😕😕


— maybe they can work a deal out with yous.?

— @firstbaby_girl yes the landlord said it

— Yeah now your still responsible for the rent for the months of the lease you are breaking and if you don't pay they try and sue you

— did they say why they wanted that much? I'd talk to someone about it. I think they are looking for an excuse to squeeze money from yous.

— @firstbaby_girl that's what I told my husband they cab keep deposit but from my understanding they keep it anyway. so that like 4000 basically

— what the hell they want 3k for? never heard of having to pay that for lease breaking. I would fight it. tell them to keep your deposit

— yes you're right

— @blackjbutterfly14 exactly

— That is true. money can be replaced but a life or your sense of security can not

— @b3autifulm3ss I just feel like 3000 isn't worth me my baby && husbands life ya know

— Oh okay, I wouldn't be able to justify 3000 lol that's just me though :-)

— @blackjbutterfly14 @b3autifulm3ss I don't feel safe there @soontobemommy well as of now I chose to believe it's the devil.. lol

— why do you want to leave?

— girl... 3k is steep. stay!

— 😂 We don't always want what God gives us but we have to deal with it. @sexii_diiva