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Last minute baby name change😁😁😁 So how does Josiah Aust…

Last minute baby name change😁😁😁
So how does Josiah Austyn-Joel (Jo-elle) Mercado sound?? Hubby is gonna be mad but what do yall think?


— @babymercado I think the name u have at 1st is really pretty

— like you've**

— Yeah it is...my husbands middle name is Austin, that's the boy spelling and our daughters name is Austyn, the female version. I think the name you guys have is super cute but I definitely feel you on wanting to incorporate something of you in there! Hmm I dunno I suggest messing with the middle name somehow like live already done though! That way you get your way too :)

— Didn't know that. I thought it looked better with the Y.. His name is supposed to be Josiah Joel Mercado but that's his fathers middle and last name and his family basically came up with Josiah since I couldn't think of anything but I wanted to incorporate something of me in his name at least since he is my first @queendavis

— It's a boy right? Austyn with a Y is the female spelling just in case you didn't know. But I like the name Josiah and Joel a lot!