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Best diaper bag with the most room?

Best diaper bag with the most room?


— @mrsgooch, I've seen that bag and I can't decide if I like it or not.

— I really loved the jj cole satchel bag with my son- I'm definitely going to get that one again! It was nice and wide large zippered compartment where I could access everything vs other diaper bags are deep and you have to pull stuff out in order to get to the bottom, but this one was perfect!

— @steph11, mine is a little smaller than that, but not by much. I still want an actual diaper bag though because it has those extra pockets.

— mine is the weekender I think it's a little to big sometimes but I'd rather have it to big than to small

— @alye27, send it my way. I've started looking at the more expensive ones.

— @steph11, I have a Vera diaper bag....it's not big enough and that's my issue.

— I'm the same way. Super picky. I know of a really cute one but it's super pricey. If you don't mind then I'll send you the link

— just look at a large purse. I have a large Vera Bradley that can fit all her stuff and mine and I can take the bottom part out to was it

— @awn0710, thanks! I've seen the skip hop in stores, in trying to double the diaper bag as a purse too so I don't have to carry around more than one bag. And I'm so picky.

— It's called the double duo hold it all diaper bag. And the brand is skip hop!

— Inside is huge

— This is the one I'm getting

— @hannahboo,

— What brand is that?

— I got mine off of jc penny website and I love it.