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Soo would it be okay for me to get my nose repierced, consi…

Soo would it be okay for me to get my nose repierced, considering that I'm preggers. I don't think it would bother the babies at all, just wanted to get a second opinion.


— Piercers*

— If I were you I'd just wait. The pierces are the experts and if they won't pierce you its for a good reason. They are as sterile as you can get and people can still get infections. So pushing a stud back in could be a higher risk chance of infection. And now that you're pregnant you never know how your body will react to it.

— Lol us I do think it'll be fairly easy! Definitely try it with a clean stud :))

— stud* fairly* goodness gracious haha

— @queendavis I have tried putting the stud back in it but I'm pretty sure it a closed up, I can just go buy a study from the piercing place and just push it through I guess. I've had it pierced for over 6 years it should be fairies easy don't ya think

— I've never heard of a professional knowingly piercing a pregnant person. You have to sign a waiver stating you're not pregnant.

— The only problem is the risk of infection but if you go somewhere clean and watch them open the packages then it's no big deal. I got mine repierced with my first pregnancy and I need it done again lol. Have you tried putting a stud in it? Sometimes they stay open a long time.