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A must read ladies

A must read ladies


— Lol girl it's ok we all have our moments lol. Yea you should do that!

— Lol I was having a moment. I refuse to let my doctor talk me into a c section especially if I don't need to have one. My next doctors appointment I will discussing my birth plan with her @trezelle

— Lol yes I'm agreeing with you lol. We're all agreeing with what you said lol. @boymama I hear of so many Doctors now literally pressuring women into it. I think that's so wrong.. Smh

— I'm confused I'm not saying c section or vaginal birth makes you more of a mom than the other. I'm saying we are all mother's no matter which way we decide to give birth @boymama @trezelle

— My doctor now is very pro c section, I think it's less liability and easier on the doctor... Which is not a reason to consider doing it, I even had the EVC with my second to avoid a c section... I am for sure afraid of surgery.

— I agree with @boymama . I do believe that a lot of doctors push for C sections when it's not necessary but that doesn't mean the woman is any less of a mom!

— Exactly. I found this article on fb that one of my friends posted. We are all mommies like u said no matter how u gave birth @boymama

— I think any woman who has carried a baby no matter how she gave birth is a mother, nobody is better than anyone else!!