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Went in for my 34 week 6 day scan today and baby is measuri…

Went in for my 34 week 6 day scan today and baby is measuring at 4lb 11oz... Is this a normal weight? Doctor isnt concerned but I am :-( i hope her growth is going ok... Please let me know if anyone had similar weights around this time.


— At that time my baby weighed like 6 pounds😂 he came out at 8 pounds even. @romdee

— Im 34 weeks preg and my baby girl weighs 5 and half pounds. 5 pds 8 ounces

— don't worry too much, remember it's an estimate.

— Seems alright to me, but my son was 3rd generation 5 pound baby. At 34 weeks he was measuring 31 weeks and was born in his due date at 5lbs 11oz (I was 5lbs 5oz and my dad was born at 5lbs 6oz). I think it depends on your family history; if your family has had small babies I personally wouldn't worry about it. Your doctor will let you know if they're concerned. I did non stress tests 2x a week to make sure all was well and things were fine.

— Oh. It seems like a good weight to me and you've still got a while for the baby to grow. My son was born at 7.3lbs and that was a good weight! I'm pretty sure at 34 weeks he weighed around 4 something. If your doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be either :)

— @queendavis, it is smaller than average .5.5 lbs

— What would be wrong with that weight?

— my daughter was 4 lbs at 32 weeks