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Just thought I would update from our appointment, the neuro…

Just thought I would update from our appointment, the neurologist said it's epilepsy, he upped her medicine again and she has to stay on for two years before we can try and cut it down some.. she has to see a development therapist, which basically she'll play with toys and such.. it could be worse but it's definitely not what I want for my baby.. Shawn and I both are heartbroken.. but she will be okay..


— Exactly. The doctor told my mom thay my sister and I weren't going to be born alive, it we were wouldn't live long, but she was persistent and went with her gut, she had us, I stayed in the hospital for a month and a half my sister two weeks, the only issue either of us had I had sever gastric issues, and was sick for awhile, but my mom followed her gut, and I think that mom's being mom can over power any doctors out there. I'm so grateful for my daughter's healthy, because I know anything can happen at any time, I'm grateful for her life and her spirit, and I know that could be taken away from me at any point, and I would die if it did.

— @lulukiddy, it's definitely taking a toll on myself and Shawn.. we are learning how to deal with it the best we can, I'm just glad the things they're doing are working.. my poor baby has spent her first 3 months of life in the many doctors offices and hospitals.. it's time for her to have a normal life, all I can say is hug your kids tight.. you never know what's going to happen..

— I'm glad you have someone to refrence, I'm not glad about the situation, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I'm glad you've been around it before. I'm glad you have answers, and I'm glad she's getting the help she needs, and I hope you know you're important too, and that if you need help, you're braver for seeking it than the ones who harbor their feelings. You can do it, and you've already done more than some mom's would. Your daughter is very luck.

— @lulukiddy, my adopted brother has battled sever epilepsy with the grand Mal sezuires since he was 14.. it's hard but he still loves a normal life.. I'm just glad I know what we are up against. . and thank you

— I know a woman who has severe epilepsy, she's gotten it controlled on medicine, and she has 3 kids of her own, and a full time career. I just want to make sure you know it just a diagnosis, not a sentence. You can do this, and you're a very strong mommy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet baby girl, sending pixie dust and love to yall.

— Thank you!

— stay strong moma prayers for you and your family!💗

— Thank you ladies, it will be tough for a while but we will make it through

— Glad she's alright though!

— I'm praying right now!