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I still don't understand how the stenographer could determi…

I still don't understand how the stenographer could determine my baby is a girl... then again.. I am no expert! Anyone else have ultrasound pics around 13/14 weeks that show gender to compare? I am so hoping that the stenographer isn't wrong...she was EXTREMELY confident.


— Yes it's a girl you might need to look closer to see them

— I have two boys and one girl and one girl on the way I have seen a lot of ultrasounds and that's a girl no balls in sight congrats mama

— @preggiemommyincorona, my issue is trying to see the lines to count... lol
@ahylton that's comforting that you see what our stenographer saw... cause I still can't see it. Bwahahahaha

— its a girl I see the three lines I found out that early with my first son and there were obvious testicles and penis but that is a girl for sure

— For girls I know they look for three lines in between their legs if it a boy you can usually see it right away hopefully that helps u