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Ladies, We have a couple of announcements. There's a new u…

We have a couple of announcements. There's a new update fix for moms using Android phones. Please go to the Google Play store and update immediately to resolve your issues.
There's only two days left before our next "Invite your friends to Preggie" giveaway drawing. Hurry and invite your friends and win some awesome baby swag.


— @jrose114, Please invite your friends through the app so we know. Please go to the main menu and select Invite Friends. You can invite your friends via SMS, email and Facebook with a unique automatic code, and also on that page there is a link with your specific code that you can copy and use elsewhere. But if you have already invited people by other means, just let us know and we will count it. Thanks!

— How will you know who we invited

— @preggie_usa, so far no crashing!

— @sking092192, okay let us know.

— @preggie_usa, I literally just updated, I'll let you know in a few and see😊

— @sking092192, is everything fine for you now?

— @preggie_usa, yay thank you!!!

— @mrsalston, yes and with every invite you get an entry into our drawing. So the more you invite, the more entries you receive.

— Is sending a sms an invite @preggie_usa

— @ahylton, thank you!

— yes thank u @preggie_usa for fixing it so fast